Amazon Brand Registry – How Does It Work?

posted on 14, February, 2020 10:57

A sad reality of today is as bad as theft is, it is not just limited to physical property. You need not have been held at gunpoint to claim that you were robbed. It could as well be your intellectual property. Imagine spending several hours, days, or even months, thinking about a product idea. You fine-tune the essential parts, and you finally launch on Amazon. You are well on your way to making millions, and someone comes out of nowhere to steal your idea. All of a sudden, your multi-million-dollar idea is no longer just yours.

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It would be heartbreaking, and we would not wish that on even our worst enemies. It is important that sellers have valid means of protection from these thieves. Luckily, if you are a merchant on the Internet, Amazon gives you a means of protecting your brainchild(ren). The means of protection is the Amazon Brand Registry.

What is Amazon Brand Registry?

Among other things, Brand Registry on Amazon is a feature that helps to guarantee protection for registered trademarks against miscreants on the platform. It protects you against those particular types of thieves that prey on the original ideas of businesspeople like yourself. 

Alongside that, Amazon Brand Registry assists in creating a quality experience for those who wish/need to purchase from you. You may dream of becoming a best-seller on Amazon and making maximum profit. On the other hand, you might just wish to market your brand properly. Regardless of where you fall into, you should use the Amazon Brand Registry.

Who can use Amazon Brand Registry?

If you sell original products on Amazon, you have the freedom to use this feature. It would go quite a distance in assisting you in your fight against fake products as well as infringers.

What benefits lie in using Amazon Brand Registry?

Having a trademark that is registered on Amazon comes with quite an amount of attractive advantages. We have taken our time to list out some major Amazon Brand Registry Benefits:

1. Twenty-four-hour support

Anyone with an Amazon trademark has freedom of access to their customer service 24/7. Through that platform, you will be able to make whatever inquiries you need to make.

2. Accurate image projection of your brand

Brand registration allows you have some more power over accounts/pages using the name of your brand. With that level of control, customers will only consume the right information about you.

3. Stronger tools for search and report

You can effectively track people who steal your idea much easier. You would be able to do this by performing a simple global, image, or ASIN search, and you would receive a report.

4. Additional brand protection

You get even better protection than regular users. This, however, depends on the amount of brand information you give Amazon Brand Registry.

5. Brand-building opportunities

You can speed up your level of growth and development on Amazon by leveraging tools. Some of them include Enhanced Brand Content, Sponsored Brands, Stores, etc.

How can you make an application for Amazon Brand Registry?

The Amazon Brand Registry application can be completed in three simple steps. They are:

1. Check to see if you are eligible

The first step in your Amazon Brand Registry application is checking to see if you are qualified.

2. Sign in

After completing the first, you should sign up. You can do so with your Amazon credentials (if you are already a seller or vendor).

3. Enroll your brand

Here, Amazon requires that you give some information. They are:

  • A registered as well as active brand. It has to be yours.
  • A government-registered number. This number is the one assigned to your trademark.
  • Product category list.
  • The locations you distribute and manufacture products.

Eligibility requirements of Amazon Brand Registry

The Amazon brand registry requirements are relatively easy. Firstly, for every country you want your trademark enrolled, you are required to register. Your trademark has to be a picture or text containing numerals or alphabets. Amazon Brand Registry accepts trademarks issued by trademark offices in Mexico, Brazil, Japan, the United States, Canada, India, Australia, etc.

You will need to submit your number to the IPO location of the state. This, of course, is only necessary if you got your trademark registered at the World Intellectual Property Organization. This condition only exists because the number might differ. The text in your application and trademark should be identical.

Final thoughts

Amazon Brand Registry doesn’t particularly take too much from you. However, it rewards handsomely. This ought to be enough motivation to click those buttons and begin the process of registration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a trademark for Amazon Brand Registry?

Yes. It is crucial that your business trademark is not inactive or unregistered. Amazon Brand Registry requires that of you.

How long does it take to apply for Amazon Brand Registry?

The entire procedure should last any time from around fourteen days. This would include the time it would take Amazon to give your application approval.

How much does it cost to register a brand on Amazon?

Amazon brand registry cost usually ranges between $225 to $400. The price varies due to the difference in classes of protection you can purchase.

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