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posted on 04, February, 2020 05:22

Optimization is the key to the ultimate success at Amazon. Here is a fact: about 95% of the products listed on Amazon have faulty listings. It is a vast number, and to reach success, it’s enough to get closer to the top 5% than your competitors. In this quick guide, we provide you with information just enough to make you think more about your listings of products carefully and start to improve them all eventually.

What is Amazon’s A9?

Let’s take a look at the A9 - the AI, the search engine running on Amazon. This algorithm analyzes the users’ queries and determines which of the products are the most relevant. Though the process itself seems simple, it’s quite complicated, so stuffing keywords and additional fluff info in your descriptions and titles does more harm than it helps.

A9 isn’t just a text search engine; it’s much more than that. This artificial intelligence learns from every query, and it also analyzes price, sales data, stock data, reviews, image quality, and a lot more. It’s only natural that Amazon won’t tell us all the details, but as you can see, there are many factors. And what could you do? Well, you have to take good care of your listings of products so A9 ranks them higher.

Elements of Amazon product listings

These are the elements you must consider when thinking about how to optimize amazon listings.

  • Product Title
  • Product Images
  • Reviews
  • Product Description
  • Product Features
  • Product Ratings

How to optimize your Amazon product listings?

There is a circle in effect when it comes to optimizing listings and aiming for the higher rankings. The more you optimize, the more you sell and the better ranks you get to, so you sell even more and rank higher, and so on. To improve your content, you should consider three major areas of your product page: text, product details, and pictures. 

  1. Text: every text on your product page has to be grammatically correct, informative, and accurate. Engage the buyer with highlighting features vital to her/him, and even Amazon product title optimization is something you must do. 
  2. Product details: display every information you know about the product.
  3. Pictures: clear, high-quality images are a must. For the primary photo, choose (or make) one with only the product on it before a white background. The other photos may feature some text (e.g., picture of the box, inside of the product, etc.)

It’s also a good idea to make your product page skim-friendly. No fluff, only useful information, helpful in deciding to buy or don’t.

The top 3 Amazon product listing optimization tools

IO Scout

IO Scout is a complex web application, which has over 30,000 users, and grants an extensive database and top-notch features. To optimize your Amazon listings , you must check out what the top competitors do - IO Scout helps a lot with that. Even the IO Scout Start-Up package features all available solutions, a high number of trackable products, and easily exportable spreadsheets. The subscription includes access to the IO Scout Chrome extension too.

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Jungle Scout

In most cases, Jungle Scout is the first stop for Amazon FBA business owners. And there is a reason for that. We have to admit, Jungle Scout is one of the whales of its market, and it’s pretty hard to beat it. At Jungle Scout, you can buy the web service or the Chrome extension separately, although they are more powerful together. This software grants both product research and keyword research tools.

amazon optimization service

Seller App

Seller App is a professional Amazon product listing optimization, research, and analytics service. In case you visit their website, you could see that they aren’t joking around: with the smallest plan starting at $199 per month, this service is only available for serious marketers, or beginners with a substantial starting capital. The Seller App is worth it, nonetheless, so it’s another great tool to help marketers reach the peak of their success.

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Launching something on Amazon doesn’t mean that you are going to sell it. Aside from the product’s virtues, your listings have to be optimized, so you have a chance to appear in the search result. We highly recommend you to read a few more guides about Amazon listing optimization service, and if you feel knowledgeable enough, take a look at the tools mentioned in this guide.

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