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posted on 02, February, 2020 03:03

Whenever you are trying to start a business, whether online or not, you always wish to sell the best items that can help you earn high profits. However, it is not a simple task; you need to analyze different items in detail (using IO Scout FBA Tools ) to discover the ones that people will actually want to buy and when it comes to the biggest online platform for selling almost any item (Amazon) this process is even more difficult.

Are you thinking about becoming a seller on Amazon but don’t know what items are best to sell? This article will help to figure out the best selling items on amazon.

top selling products on amazon

Choosing the Top Selling Products on Amazon

This is one of the most important steps for running a successful online business. Choosing the best selling products means you first have to make a list of items that people actually wish to purchase but at the same time don’t have much competition.

Some of the key characteristics of top selling amazon products include them being light and easy to handle so that they can be shipped without any inconvenience, they have more than 200 reviews of which most are positive and have a reasonable price.

You also need to have a look at product trends and history and calculate the estimated monthly sales and revenues of the items you wish to sell.

Conducting product research manually can be a tiring process and there are chances of error as well which is why it is always best to use the great tools available for amazon product research.

Finding the Best Selling Products with IO Scout

IO Scout is a great tool for discovering the items that don’t have much competition but have the potential to sell more and produce great profits. Its database has millions of Amazon products and by updating their data every hour, this tool ensures that you get the most accurate results.

Make an Account and Select Category

To find the most profitable items through IO Scout, you first need to make an account. Once you have signed in, you can start the process of finding items by selecting the category of the item you want to get data for. The category section has all the categories available on amazon such as Appliances, Automotive, Electronics, clothing, shoes, kindle store and a lot more.

Enter Parameters

After choosing the category, the next step is to fill the parameters tab. This tab includes several sections including a price section where you have to enter the minimum and maximum price, rating section where you must enter the minimum stars and maximum stars, sales, revenue, and weight section, etc. 

Select Title

The last section is the title section. In this section, brand title and ASIN are needed. You can also mention the keywords you want to exclude.


Once you have filled all the sections according to your requirements, you have to hit the search button and the IO Scout tool will show you a list of products with average price, total revenue, total sales, average rank, ratings and reviews, and total reviews. Through these stats, you can easily figure out if the products are worth selling or not.

Best Selling Items on Amazon

Below are some of the best selling categories/items based on their sales and reviews


Electronics items such as Alexa TV Remote are in high demand because in today’s world people are always looking for the latest technology and gadgets.

Silicon Rings

Silicon rings became popular immediately after they came in the market and today they are among the top-selling items not only on Amazon but also on other platforms.

Mats for Yoga

Nowadays people are very concerned about health and fitness and hence yoga mats are in high demand. These mats are generating a good about of sales on Amazon.


Before you start selling on Amazon, it is always best to find the best selling products by deeply analyzing the best niches.

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